Making adjustments on the court and in life are pivotal to your success. Be willing to do it differently.

Hope drives you from despair to achievement. You have to believe against all odds, you have to hope when there is no hope, because if you don’t, you’ll be overcome by your circumstances.

You need good players on your team to consistently win at any level in any sport or in any business.

How you handle success will determine how much success you can handle.

Perspective and context will keep you balanced.

Destiny demands that you leave some people and some things behind.

Putting employees/players in positions to be successful is a key measure of effective management/coaching.

Adversity doesn’t define you, but it can influence the road you take to becoming who you are.

Nothing is insignificant; everything matters.

Live life with integrity.

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice,

There is nothing wrong with small beginnings; keep moving toward the finish line of big things.

Reaching your destiny/full potential requires passion, patience and persistence, and is related to your skill set.

If you don’t like doing it, you are probably not supposed to be doing it much longer. (passion)

What you believe does matter and so does the road you take.

Excuses don’t stop you; Obstacles don’t stop you; Stopping stops you.

A teaching moment that doesn’t become a learning moment is a wasted moment.

It is impossible to live without failing at something, so don’t let that stop you from getting to your destiny. Embrace it, learn from it and get back in line.

Do one thing at a time and give each experience your all.

Be enthusiastic, dream big and establish and reestablish your goals along the journey. Don’t let a nightmare destroy your dream.

Pride is just as effective as fear in keeping you from fulfilling your destiny.

Become a great Leader by being a great Servant.

Everything that is important is not a priority, but everything that is a priority is important.

Do the right thing, the right way and for the right reason…not because of what you get in return, but simply because it’s right.

When you are the first to do something, prepare yourself for some unpleasant moments. That’s part of being a pioneer.

Most things are temporary. Don’t make temporary things permanent.

Serve a purpose greater than yourself. Be a team player. (It’s really not all about you.)

Life is full of challenges and change is inevitable, but the principles of success transcend time and circumstance.

I had no idea that pursuing my education would lead me to the highest level of amateur basketball, but I knew that without an education, I wouldn’t go anywhere.

Reflect. Regroup. Relaunch

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